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The CyDeS Laboratory was established under the METU Informatics Institute in Mid-2014, with the support of Comodo Group, Inc., one of the leading companies in the world in the field of information technology and security certification. Since then, CyDeS has consolidated a substantial amount of ongoing research related to cybersecurity being carried out at METU, in addition to guiding and sponsoring new research projects. In addition to being a driving force in academic research, CyDeS has also borne the responsibility of organizing and hosting various high-profile events, including delivering advanced level cybersecurity training programs that have been endorsed by NATO to experts from NATO partner countries, and the HackMETU capture the flag competition aiming to raise awareness on cybersecurity amongst university students. Thanks to a combination of its position in one of Turkey's preeminent technical universities, its proximity to one of Turkey's first graduate programs in cybersecurity, and a highly dedicated and motivated team of researchers, CyDeS is poised to become a globally recognized center of excellence.


IS'CyDeS 2016

CyDeS hosted the International Symposium on Cyber Defence & Security on May 13, 2016 at the METU Informatics Institute. The event brought together distinguished guests from all backgrounds: including public, private and academic circles. In this regard, it was very important for achieving CyDeS vision for leading cyber security research by bridging researchers with the companies that are active in the field.


We believe that HackMETU has played an important role in raising awareness on cybersecurity, particularly amongst university students. Highly motivated and driven students passionate about cybersecurity have been exposed to CyDeS and the Institute, and will perhaps consider developing their interest in the topic to the point of being a subject of advanced study and professional career path in the future.

CyDeS is Sponsored by COMODO Group Inc.

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